Welcome to breyer.com and some radical ideas

In these web pages I will explore my ideas about Theology, Science, and God.

Let me offer a little background first.

Consciousness is the ability to ignore things. Consciousness is the
ability to ponder the past, present, and future.  Without the ability to
ignore things, we would be stuck in the current moment.

Infinity is an idea.As such, things can be effectively infinite
without being infinite in reality.  This must be understood before
one can grasp the idea of a real physical God.

I have only studied one theology, monotheism.  So, the reader need
understand that when I use the general term "theology" I mean
western theology based largely on the ideas that came from Moses.

Theology is not about a physical god.  It is about an ideal being.
Or rather, The Ideal Being.  This is the most powerful idea mankind
has created.  The ideal being must be the supreme being.  This one
idea is the foundation of civilization.

Without the idea of a supreme being, you cannot define ethics, morality,
truth, laws, or any of the most important things in life.  You cannot
create a set of definitions that everyone can agree on.  Without a
supreme being everything becomes relative.

The highest form of consciousness is creativity, the ability to see
things that do not exist.  What Sam Harris sees as mental illness,
is in fact, our greatest asset.  The reason the quality of human
life has improved, and we hope, continues to improve, is the result
of our ability to imagine a better world.

Dispensing with atheism.
An atheist is simply someone who does not "get it"; a simple case
of arrested development.  We are all born atheists.  None of us
are born with even so basic a concept as "self".  It is only
through mental development that the concepts, of self and of others
can arise.  The idea of a supreme being is simply the higher
a higher level of awareness than the atheist has developed.

I think I "got it" when I was about ten years old.  A couple
of years earlier my father died.  I lost my anchor, my guiding
light.  My mother, being unable to rule me, sent me to a
parochial school.  It was Saint Anne's in Santa Ana, California.

While there I encountered human beings I have never met before.
The men were called priests, and the women were called nuns.
This was my first exposure to the idea of God.  I learned these
people believed God existed.

I was still too young to really get my head around the idea of
a supreme being.  But, one thing did occur to me.  That was,
it does not really matter whether God really exists.  Just living
one's life as though God did exist changes everything.

At that point in time, I began to develop my own ideas about a
supreme being.  I was not interested in God as Creator, or God
as ultimate Judge.  But, I was fascinated by the idea of God as
Witness.  I realized, if you live your life as though everything 
you did was observed by an unbiased being, your behavior would
change.  Your behavior would mimic that of an ideal person.
And, over time, you would become a better person.  And, finally,
you would come to realize there is, even without God, a witness
and judge of everything you do.  That Witness is You.

But, without the idea of the supreme being, the fact that you
are your own witness would have no meaning.  You must first
create within yourself an idea of how a perfect person would
behave before you can decide to behave in that manner.

The atheist who thinks we could create a society that could
achieve what western culture has, without the idea of a
supreme being is simply a fool.

For example, let's take a look at Richard Dawkins, and his ilk.
Dawkins loves to argue that, what religion you join depends
merely on where you live.  And, therefore God does not exist.
Dawkins confuses the idea of God with the reality of religion.
While God is a conception of the mind, religion is about the
reality of what it takes to create a better world.  And, of
course, how one goes about creating a better world has everything
to do with where you are.  Religion is dependent upon your
physical environment.  God is not.

Religion is all about society; about how people interact with
each other.  The most fundamental interaction between members
of a society, is to behave as though a supreme being exists.
This behavior is the manner by which we get simpler minds,
like our children for example, to adopt a behavior that supports
and improves our society.  

I find the fast that atheists, and there followers, do not
get this is quite troubling.  It means our society is
degenerating.  There is a serious flaw in an educational system
that fails to teach about ideals, and the foundation for
those ideals.

There is one idea that Richard Dawkins has that I agree with,
though he does not state it in this way. Science is inadequate
as a foundation for any meaningful philosophy.  Science is a
method to reduce natural phenomena to mathematical equations.

The methods of science can only work in a closed system.
That is, a system where all variables can be described.
Science cannot cope with creativity or imagination.
Science cannot cope with free will.  Thus it cannot cope
with freedom or choice.  And, though some "scientist"
believe there is such a thing as random behavior, it
still does not allow for the creation of new ideas.

In science, everything that will exist has already existed.
In science, there is no opening for creation of new ideas.
In science, we are simply reduced to figuring out how
everything works.  There is no way to create anything new.
And, all this is a result of the requirement that the
Universe is a closed system.

Only in an open Universe can new ideas come into existance.
Only in an open Universe can we create a better (or worse)
world.  Only in an open Universe can the idea of a supreme
being become real.

In science, there is no such thing as creation.  Therefore,
there cannot be a Creator.